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FUN BUSINESS buzzirk b NOT so FUN IN BUSINESS Let’s define a regular business - not a self-employed salesman, like a financial planner, handyman, gift basket creator, consultant, coach, craftsman, website designer - someone who sells their own time. That is simply stupid, since you have limited time and it’s your most valuable resource, so you should NEVER sell it unless there is a significant back-end with huge leverage, and MOST people don’t have that in place. I’m talking about a business like a lube garage, a printing business, painting business, restaurant, hotel, retail store, dry cleaner, hair salon.
Most regular businesses involve taking up a lot of your time, huge risk, limited income potential, “Feast or Famine” income cycles, employees, inventory, competition, and silly little profit margins. Most owners of these businesses make little money, or they make great money, but they have too little time to enjoy it.


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