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DO YOU WANT your own accredited Online-World Travel Biz?Many should.
Online travel has been predicted as the next billion dollar Industry
Earn handsome commissions as an EVERGE World Travel Agent
Your own travel biz.Even if you dont want your travel biz this will be a great place TO see what e-verge travel is bringing to the net.
I wanted to bring you up to speed on EVERGE WORLD TRAVEL.
Much progress has been made on all fronts - this is a very complicated business with vendor approvals, license requirements, bonds and web site development. EVERGE WORLD TRAVEL when it is launched will be a FIRST in the industry. Never before has any company offered "Direct Connect" GLOBAL reservations system - through the major reservations systems like SABRE and others. Never before has anyone paid the commissions that EVERGE WORLD TRAVEL will pay to it's agents. Never before has any company offered the service on a global basis. As other companies are experiencing rejection by vendors and suppliers and losing their travel credentials EVERGE TRAVEL is setting a new standard that NO company will be able to match. YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS BEING PART OF EVERGE WORLD TRAVEL. To earn commissions as a REFERRING TRAVEL AGENT you will have to attend the EVERGE TRAVEL UNIVERSITY and pass a minimum of ten courses. You do not want to miss out on being paid up-line travel agent commissions simply because you didn't take the courses - so here's what I want you to do. and Join.
Upon joining read the information on the site it is brand new as of today - when you get to the bottom of the page fill out the form, you will then be provided to the E-VERGE TRAVEL AGENT UNIVERSITY.
Look at all the courses available - pick something that interests you and take the course. So far I've taken two and they are very interesting. JOIN THE FUN. We like good team members. buzzirk bryan 919-274-1628 the buzzline


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