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GIBLINK is one of the most affordable income generating systems and business social networks available anywhere, more and more business opportunity seekers and entrepreneurs are jumping on board .Just think about this... youTube, Facebook,and many other social networking sites are growing.
· You now have that very unique opportunity right in front of you now! Do you want your piece of the action?
These companies are successful because they meet the needs of the user to establish connections with other people around the world. This need is primarily met through a new medium commonly called social networking and is also referred to as Web 2.0. giblink is 3.7
Imagine for a moment a company (GIBLINK) that could bring all of the best elements of these companies under one roof with a focus on a business social networking community. It would be designed for small, medium, and even home business entrepreneurs around the world with a primary objective to promote, advertise, and expand their core business to compete in the global marketplace. In order to grow giblink into an enormous new social networking community rapidly, the Revenue Sharing Program has been designed to share the financial success with all members who help build it. Members will profit from gibLink’s growth.
GibLink's Revenue Sharing Plan allows community advertisers to share 50% of the revenue generated by many different avenues such as:
- Revenue generated by Retail Sales of all Standard and Pro Business Packages
- Revenue generated by Retail Sales of all Standard Business Packages
- Revenue generated by Retail Sales of all Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions
- Revenue generated by the Internal Community Advertising Network
- Revenue generated by the External Advertising Network
- Revenue generated by Retail Sales from the gibLink Web Services Site
- Revenue generated by Retail Sales of all Business Education Resources and training
The focus in 2008 is on the social networking, advertising and business. The amount of money that is being generated in these markets is astronomical. GibLink has ushered in a new development (great IDEA)to the multi-billion dollar internet explosion, which is designed to compete with the likes of YouTube, GoDaddy, and MySpace. I KNOW ,I KNOW ---WE SHALL SEE. grazie buzzirk bryan 919-274-1628


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