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the buzz is pure water from air

buzzz The Dolphin 2™/dragonfly™ M18 provides membrane filtered, UV-purified and treated ambient water without the inconvenience of buying water refills, storing used and unused water bottles, and troublesome piping. Not only does the M18 provide hassle-free water, it provides filtered water on demand. The M18 provides pure ambient temperature water at an affordable price.The M18 is stylistically built to offer the following benefits :• Innovative rotating spout makes it easy to dispense into bottles and large containers;• Dual water source flexibility;• Air to water or from the tap (either pour-in or tap-into pipe;• Elimination of stagnant water through recirculation process;• Real-time water level indicator• Simple do-it-yourself filter cartridge and UV bulb replacement procedures.
The M18 uses Aquovate technology to convert ambient atmospheric water vapor into potable water, treated by Hyflux’s advanced membrane and purification technologies. This patented technology is unique in providing water in the purest form - much like crystal dew, found only on the purest mountain tops.Designed with Hyflux’s proprietary ultra filtration membrane technology, this revolutionary process helps meet the growing demand for good tasting, quality drinking water. This alternative water source is important for anyone who wishes to maintain control over their own pure water supply.


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