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google buzz2u google buzz2u travel google buzzirk sos GOOGLE Divvee BUZZIRK how did google become search on the net... ?? google word of mouth GOOGLE google for answers... buzzirk bryan 919-274-1628 9am 2 midnight google eastern time zone lol With Google It's All About Following Their Rules
They actually reward smart advertisers who "get it" and punish advertisers who don't. It all comes down to someone's motivations...
For Google, their primary concern is for the visitor, NOT YOU (the advertiser). You are a necessary evil and they know there are always more advertisers around the corner willing to pay good money for the same clicks, so they have no problem "slapping" your account if you act up.
And do they bother telling you what they want or what you need to do to please them?
Not really...
Yes, they occasionally publish some helpful reports in their help section, but you really have to dig to find it. Still, this information is always incomplete.
Why do they do this?
Again, they know there's a limited number of clicks that they can dish out, so rather than work with the highest bidder, they choose to work with advertisers who are smart... advertisers who "get it."
Stupid advertisers try to fight this system, and they pay dearly for it (often without even realizing it). But we learn how to work with Google, and in doing so he gets some of the lowest cost-per-click rates I've ever seen.
That's the "Google Angle".


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