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Divvee is a social buying marketplace that saves members money on name brand household items and premium products and pays Affiliates for sharing the concept. Using the Divvee app, shoppers save money on quality products delivered to their doorsteps, and they earn rewards points for online sweepstakes and auctions. Those who “Divvee Up” and purchase the Divvee Up app enjoy additional buying group benefits like saving on cell phone service and discounts on vacation packages.

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Divvee Affiliates earn money by sharing Divvee with others, both commissions and bonuses.
"Affiliates receive the Divvee Social Share mobile app containing curated content to share with others.
Divvee is a social buying marketplace. As members shop name-brand household items and premium products, Affiliates get paid on purchases.
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Divvee is shopping fun !

Divvee is shopping fun !
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"/>http://www.today.com/ctr.cgi?idx_mem=2902&mode=Divvee Social Calls and Videos- -Step 1- “What is Divvee?” & “Money Pulse” –these are very good first exposure tools for you to use with your prospects. “What is Divvee?”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6CcP1hbFVI “Money Pulse”- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JOYVNS0xI8 -Step 2- “Divvee Social Call” -use this as second exposure where prospects can hear straight from founders.- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m6v3orl0ypY&feature=youtu.be All Affiliates should be on this Leadership Call every week! Darren Olayan Divvee Social Leadership Call: Every Monday 6pm EST 605-562-3131,,709844# Divvee Social always giving back ,keeping the dream alive .. Social media is our friend!Dare to rank&share. Qu'est-ce que Divvee social?ieben das Konzept, wie einfach und unterhaltsam sein Geld zu gehen von Telefon - Service auf alles , was zu retten Angebote zu reisen. Unsere einfache Bewertung ist das " , wir mögen es, wir mögen es sehr."

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