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Here we go! *Divvee Updates from Divvee President Lance :Join the fun! 1. Rank & Share April 28th will have a variety of content. The activities that take longer will pay more commission! 2. Rank & Share will be better with more content. Keep in mind were still developing as a company. 3. There will be surveys to complete along with product, subscription & trial offers. Videos and app downloads will be part of our Rank and Share model. Samples pay good commissions just for signing up. 4. Not sure how many Rank & Share tasks per day we will be doing. We will not have "bundles" but individual rank and share tasks to complete. Divvee is adding many new clients to our business model. 5. The Apple App will follow after the launch, but until that happens you can use a computer, IPhone Safari browser to Rank & Share and send invites or sign people up now through our web based application available for us! 6. We need to teach and train our teams that the Rank & Share tasks that take more time and that are a bit more involved pay bigger Commissions. 7. Lance is Working behind the scenes to display weekly Points & commissions. 8. May be a possibiliy the Travel portal will be delayed for April 28th Launch but will be next week if delayed. 10. It would be wise to set up a separate email account for your Rank & Share business. This way you can separate your Rank & Share business offers etc from other email correspondence. :) It's time to build for some folks! We shall help! To join the fun click fun !


Ohio Dude said…

Great call this morning with Lance! Here are the Bullet Points:
* Divvee is aware of our challenges and they have been forwarded to Divvee Corporate. Thanks for all your feedback.
* Everything is and has been tested and working before it's launched for the Divvee Influencers to utilize. Whats not tested is massive numbers of people using the system outside of a controlled environment. This may cause some glitches and are quickly addressed........
* Lance said he's so impressed with you all for working so hard with the challenges we've faced, the reward will be worth it!
* Be looking for a Video sometime today from Kisnsi on how to better interact and navigate the Rank & Share platform.
* Divvee is adding "New Clients" and "New Content." New surveys will be simpler and easier to use with good payouts attached. New and different content will be loaded into the R & S Portal in the days to come.
* Videos do NOT pay much in way of commissions, It's easier but very little in way of commission to you and your team. Let's focus on what pays the best commissions and teach your team the same!
* Every week "New Clients and offers" will be added to our Rank & Share portal. :)
* All profiles were reset before the Divvee 2.0 launch, so make sure all profile data is updated.
* Divvee is aware the Points are not showing and they be posting "almost" in real time very shortly.
* Commissions will be posted / visible weekly.
* A good benchmark to use for now is, the more points the higher the commissions, lesser point smaller commissions...simple but accurate. Look for the higher point values for higher commissions.
* A Opportunity Video will be available in a couple :)
* GPG.....You have to receive the confirmation email from GPG to finish the profile portion and complete the GPG section. Be sure to check your Spam & Junk folders if email confirmation is delayed.
* Free members will "Possibly" be re activated by Las Vegas event, June 23rd & 24th.
** The Las Vegas event is looking like it will be an Official Divvee Launch event...WOW WOW WOW! With some new and exciting announcements revealed there!
* the call ended with lance saying " This has to be simple for all Divvee Influencers, the 80 year old grandmother has to find this process to be Clean, Simple and Rewarding!

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