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The Value of a Blockchain Network Nui has joined the race to build the needed infrastructure (networks) for the blockchain applications of the future, before much of the world even realizes a race has begun. Through Symatri’s Kala cryptocurrency, a network of miners are earning early block rewards while growing a decentralized, distributed network. When the network reaches the target threshold of 40 PH/s with 10,000 mining rigs, it will be placed among the top blockchain and/or cryptocurrency networks. It will also be one of the largest and strongest blockchain networks, with true decentralization. Not only that, with education to walk members from A to Z in cryptocurrency and blockchain, these members become more than simply part of the network. They become blockchain enthusiasts and knowledgeable ambassadors, poised and ready for the blockchain revolution of the future. A decentralized and distributed blockchain network has many advantages and strengths that make it a technology power player now and in the future. As we see further innovation moving forward, the possibilities are limitless.


Ohio Dude said…
Kala listings launch day !#GOODJOBNUIDUDES

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