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We as a team are now passionate about our internet and direct sales business !  Our goals are not unrealistic. We shall not rest until we all win!
Global Social commerce! From Divvee to Nui !
Same goal.Tell us why you are on this blog! Feel free to call ,we shall market and never sell.. cheers Divvee Dude  AS INDEPENDENT AFFILIATES WE GIVE OWNERS PROPS ON THE VISION ! #bitcoinunique     Join the fun membership now free !

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Nui social review

In marketing terms ,this has been a long journey. My vision is for folks to enjoy a rewarding membership.Business has an interest in real time info... For the current info on Nui go here.

Year of the coin collector | Gigahash | Mintage mining cryptocurrency

The Value of a Blockchain Network Nui has joined the race to build the needed infrastructure (networks) for the blockchain applications of the future, before much of the world even realizes a race has begun. Through Symatri’s Kala cryptocurrency, a network of miners are earning early block rewards while growing a decentralized, distributed network. When the network reaches the target threshold of 40 PH/s with 10,000 mining rigs, it will be placed among the top blockchain and/or cryptocurrency networks. It will also be one of the largest and strongest blockchain networks, with true decentralization. Not only that, with education to walk members from A to Z in cryptocurrency and blockchain, these members become more than simply part of the network. They become blockchain enthusiasts and knowledgeable ambassadors, poised and ready for the blockchain revolution of the future. A decentralized and distributed blockchain network has many advantages and strengths that make it a technolo…

Nui Social Overview -Symatri -CORE, REACH, Kala