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CORE-Nui Social- How to do Videos in CORE

CORE for Free members of how to videos, walkthroughs, tips on how to do CORE for surveys, watching videos, trying apps, trying out products even for free, retail rewards of shopping online & more to do. Click this new Nui independent rep spot ,. Members earn points from yourself and your team. :) Just simply on any device, iPhone, any smartphone, Apple, Safari, any web browser go to . Folks can receive gift cards from Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon, App stores, etc, and get TV's, Fit bits, Go pros, computers, electronics, accessories,DVD players tablets, Smartphones, and much more by doing simple activities such as watching videos, getting coupons, email subscriptions, doing surveys, being product tester, try out apps. and other simple activities to do. #Core
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