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Nui international review coming soon

Why isn’t Nui International offered to people in the United States of America? Due to very strict regulation, at this time the Nui International product should only be purchased and used by those living outside the United States. We know many of you living in the U.S. would like to participate but unfortunately this is not possible.
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Kala's Attribution Blockchain is boarding  professionals who want to protect their intellectual property. This is another use case for Kala. Got Kala wallet get Kala wallet ..    What does “transparent” mean in relation to blockchain? Are all blockchains transparent? To answer these questions I will have to point out some of the shortcomings with our current data systems. Current data systems are for the most part “centralized” and controlled by the offering party. For example, if you sign up for a streaming service for video or music and pay the fee, all of that data is controlled, stored, and view-able only by the company or others who they give permission. The internal control of that information means that if it is manipulated, destroyed, or would anyone know? On a blockchain such as Kala or Bitcoin, anyone can access the transactional information. This is why “transparency” is often associated and promoted as a valuable aspect of blockchain. Information is held in…