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Rank & Share tasks

Here we go! *Divvee Updates from Divvee President Lance :Join the fun! 1. Rank & Share April 28th will have a variety of content. The activities that take longer will pay more commission! 2. Rank & Share will be better with more content. Keep in mind were still developing as a company. 3. There will be surveys to complete along with product, subscription & trial offers. Videos and app downloads will be part of our Rank and Share model. Samples pay good commissions just for signing up. 4. Not sure how many Rank & Share tasks per day we will be doing. We will not have "bundles" but individual rank and share tasks to complete. Divvee is adding many new clients to our business model. 5. The Apple App will follow after the launch, but until that happens you can use a computer, IPhone Safari browser to Rank & Share and send invites or sign people up now through our web based application available for us! 6. We need to teach and train our teams that the Rank &am…

Divvee Leadership

Divvee Leadership Recording 3/28/17 with Kinsey Lindgren 
President of Business Development 
Enjoy an insight into our exciting and promising future 
Dial: 641-715-3813 709844# 
Ref code: 107# 
Live with Passion 
*There will be no call next week- have a safe Spring Break Divvee Leadership Recording 3/28/17 with Kinsey Lindgren 
President of Bus Development 
Enjoy an ins...

My favorito Divvee Conference Call Presentation

This is my favorite Divvee webinar. This gentleman shows the vision of this interesting biz model. A global mobile social membership for patient folks has re-launched...

Divvee update