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Kala is here

Symatri has announced that Kala is now OPEN to the public. So feel free to tell all your family and friends.Tell the globe ! If you haven't purchased your Kala yet, here's the place to go: Make sure to sign up for the email list to be on top of all updates and exclusive Kala info. You can do that here: NOTE: Due to some temporary technical issues associated with ETH purchases, any purchases less than 0.25 ETH will not go through. If you wish to purchase less than the 0.25 ETH, then you are welcome to use BTC, LTC, or wait and until those issues are resolved, which Symatri anticipates to happen soon.  #cryptonite   next post mintage mining review
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Nui News

The director of international expansion, Isa Takahashi informed everyone:*(There was the update on Nui news yesterday on this) He said- We are focused and unrelenting when it comes to providing success garnering tools.
Our attitude is everything.
We are moving forward globally.
We will start being able to pay in and out around the world very soon.
Japan is now open for business.