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FREE 30 Day Supply of Rogaine !! (NOTE: A one month supply is normally $29.99!!)
$0.01 EACH WAY From Florida to Latin America !! Spirit is offering flights from Ft. Lauderdale to Latin America for a penny, once again proving that a penny can sometimes be worth its weight in gold! Hurry, this amazing fare sale expires at midnight tonight (Wednesday, March 19). Sample one-cent fares from Ft. Lauderdale include: Guatemala City, Guatemala ... April 11; May 1, 20 Managua, Nicaragua ... May 5, 12, 26 San Jose, Costa Rica ... June 25; July 14, 15, 22 San Pedro Sula, Honduras ... May 1, 6, 7, 14 Cartagena, Colombia ($29 each way) ... Aug. 26, 27; Sept. 2, 3
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FREE $50 Gift Card from Best Buy if you bought an HD-DVD player before February 22nd !! You are eligible for a $50 gift card for each player you purchased withing the qualifying period. Most gift cards should be mailed automatically, otherwi…

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one way or the other, for free STARBUCKS this Saturday

IN MARKETING free is a great way to show your product.... For all you coffee loving folks out there, Starbucks is set once again to offer free coffee to customers on Saturday March 15th 2008 from 10am to 12pm. A great way to cut down on your latte factor (for a day at least). see you @ STARBUCKS THIS week-end.. buzzirk bryan

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my short google blog

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Since the beginning of the Iraq War in 2003, speculators have sought to profit by purchasing Iraqi Dinars. Unfortunately, the likelihood of investors seeing any return on their dinars is slim to none. This scam comes in three parts: the hyped returns that play on an investorʹs greed, the deceptive practices of Iraqi Dinar dealers, and the fundamental misunderstanding of international finance. Currently valued around 1,200 dinars to 1 U.S. Dollar, any appreciation in the value of the Iraqi Dinar would theoretically generate profit, but many websites selling Iraqi Dinars boast these returns could reach up to 1000 percent. Investors need to understand these figures for what they are: speculation and hype. Websites selling dinars also exaggerate or misrepresent history as proof that such profits are possible, but history teaches a vastly different lesson. First, the rapid appreciation of any currencyʹs value is extremely rare (the opposite is much more likely), meaning investors should …