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YourNetravel, A New Standard in Travel Services for building Wealth in the Travel Industry.
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Travel is not only the fastest growing industry in the world it is also the largest industry on the Internet. Every year, $7 trillion is spent on travel. Now, there is ONE product that combines ALL of the most successful travel programs on the market, into one comprehensive, but easy to follow revenue generating system. Whether your looking for a way to enjoy new travel experiences, get great deals and benefits on your own travel, or earn extra income, our program is the one for you. Create Wealth, Travel, & Have Fun all at the same time

• Multiple Revenue Streams for TRUE Passive WEALTH
• Start Making Money Instantly
• Travel, When and Where you want
• Our Program makes You Money 24/7

There are hundreds of web based travel programs, but we wanted ours to be different. We are not just going to provide you with a travel web site and tell you to send your family and friends to it and if they book travel, we will give you a few pennies. Our program provides monthly specials, last minute deals, weekly condo steals and deals, promotional travel deals, weekly Cruise News and our exclusive card programs that generate huge revenue streams, and keep people coming back to your travel site over and over again.Get started today and start taking part in this great opportunity in the Travel Industry and we'll show you how you can generate a new wealth for your bottom line.

Our Travel Package is simple and the cost is extremely low for the value, only $39.95 per month.
Travel Incentives

To Help Ensure Success
We Offer a Full Line of Incentives Products

Our Difference

• We are Not a “Card Mill”
• We provide all the training
• Learn Specific Sectors of the Market
• Teach You to Sell Travel
• One on One Assistance

Customized Targeted Marketing

• Post Cards
• Emails
• Newsletters
• Flyers
• Posters
• Tri-Folds
• Brochures
• Proposals

Member Discounts
Programs include:

Hotel Plus Card

• Offers 83,000 properties worldwide
• Guarantees Lowest Rate per night
• Only requires a 2 night minimum stay
• Great for Business Travelers
• Virtually every city and town in the USA
• Not all properties require pre-payment
• Rates Guaranteed at time of booking
• “Real-time” Availability
• Instant Email Confirmations

Revenue Streams

• You can sell the card.}

Revenue Streams

• Sell of the Condo Card
• Commissions from all condo/vacation rentals

EXCLUSIVE Inventories not available any place BUT Here

• Orlando
• Branson
• Vegas
• Mexico

Vacation Rentals

• No ownership costs, fees, or obligations
• Less than the cost of a hotel room
• Luxurious 1, 2, or 3 bedroom accommodations

This is NOT a time share deal!!

Why This Card Is Different

We have combined the inventory of the Industries Top 9
Condo/Vacation Rental Suppliers And YES, that includes
RCI (The Worlds Largest).

Exclusive Vacation Rentals

Private access to 3, 4 & 5 star resorts

• Condominiums
• Villas
• Suites and Cottages

Properties Available Worldwide

• Mexico and Caribbean
• Asia and the South Pacific
• South America, Europe, Bahamas, Canada, Australia, Africa, and more.

Condo Card

Vacation Rentals and Exceptional Value...

Luxury Accommodations

• Some with private swimming pools and
beach access
• Fully Equipped Kitchens
• Save on dining out

1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms

• Accommodate large Families Groups

Cruise Card Kit includes..

• Cruise Card
• Welcome Letter
• Free Cruise Certificate
• Overview of Card Program
• Cruising Q&A Brochure
• Cruise Card Marketing Materials

Cruise Card Revenue Streams

• Selling of the Cards
• Commission from each Cruise Booked
• Bonus Commissions
• Tour Conductor Space on Groups
• Earn FREE Cruises

Cruise Tracker

• Past Guest Numbers
• Vital Cruise Documentation
• Dietary and Special Needs
• Cabin Preferences
• On-Board Credits
• “Wish List” for future cruises
• Photo Coupons
• Drink Coupons
• And much more…

Card Program

Cruise Card

Benefits of Cruise Card Membership

• Bon Voyage Gift with Every Sailing
• Earn”Cruise Points” for every cruise
• Discounted/Members-Only Cruises
• Monthly “Cruisers” Newsletter
• “First Timers” Cruise Kit
• Free Customized Luggage Tags
• VIP Boarding on Select Sailings
• Free Enrollment in “Cruise Tracker”

Additional Revenue Streams THAT NO ONE ELSE HAS!!!

Current Card Programs

• Cruise Card
• Condo Card
• Hotel Plus

And More to Come…

Custom "Road Trips"

• No Additional Membership Cost
• Search by Drive Time and Distance
• Search by Zip Code

Exclusive Lodging

• Online Booking with hotels in over 100 Countries
• Hotel PLUS Program with over 83,000 additional properties
• Lowest Rate Guarantee
• Condos – 2M Weeks of Availability 100+ Countries
• Private Homes Worldwide
• Over 600 in the Disney World Area Alone
• Luxury – Villa’s, Private Islands, and More

Exclusive Monthly Specials

• Nationally Known Supplier Sponsored Programs
• Electronic Booking Capabilities
• Promote through “Print a Flyer”
• Excellent Opportunity to Approach New Contacts
• Additional Revenue / Commission Opportunities for YOU!!

Travel Program Benefits

Travel Web Site

• Book Flights, Hotels, Cruises, Air
• Monthly Specials
• Worldwide Vacation Packages
• Road Trips
• Business Travel Programs
• Travel Tips and Newsletters
• Travel FAQ
• Travel Tips
• Chat Live with a Travel Agent Link
• Easy to Use Search and Booking Capabilities
Like those found on Expedia or Travelocity
• Car and Hotel Discounts
• Airline Search and Booking Engine
• Cruise Line Search and Booking Tools
Plus Ship Reviews
• Travel and Destination Guides
• Vacation Planning & Booking Engines
• Monthly Specials and Exclusive Offers

How we are different

Destination Guides

• Guides Available for Over 5000 Cities in more than 100 countries
• Know before you go information
• How to Get There
• What to See and Do
• Getting Around
• History
• Festival and Events
• Local Customs
• Local Weather
• Safety Reports


Commissions Guidelines

There are 2 ways to earn commissions after you become an associate of Your Net Travel.

1) You can sell travel through your membership portal. Once travel is booked and taken commission will be paid. The commission will vary from the different types of travel booked. 50% of the commission will go to the seller and 50% will be divided within the E-Verge compensation plan.

2) You can sell Travel Cards. There are 3 types of travel cards: Hotel, Condo and Cruise.

Associate purchase prices and commissions are:

Hotel $24.95 , $8 commission
Condo $29.95 , $10 commission
Cruise Kit $49.95 , $20 commission

Retail purchase prices and commissions are:

Hotel $49.95 , $33 commission
Condo $59.95 , $40 commission
Cruise Kit $149.95 , $120 commission

Monthly Newsletter

Travel Smarter

• Sent directly to your In-Box
• “Know Before You Go”
• Travel Tips
• Safety Alerts
• Hotel and Cruise
• Reviews
• Valuable Coupons

Operated by…

A Professional Travel Company …with over 23 yrs. Experience

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