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what is m commerce?

M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as cellular telephone and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Known as next-generation e-commerce, m-commerce enables users to access the Internet without needing to find a place to plug in. The emerging technology behind m-commerce, which is based on the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP), has made far greater strides in Europe, where mobile devices equipped with Web-ready micro-browsers are much more common than in the United States. But now, with SELBANK and Payments, M-commerce is going to a whole new level, not requiring special software or hardware and can work on any phone or carrier and POS system. In order to exploit the m-commerce market potential, handset manufacturers such as Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, and Qualcomm are working with carriers such as AT&T Wireless and Sprint to develop WAP-enabled smart phones, the industry's answer to the Swiss Army Knife, and ways to reach them. Using Bluetooth technology, smart phones offer fax, e-mail, and phone capabilities all in one, paving the way for m-commerce to be accepted by an increasingly mobile workforce. As content delivery over wireless devices becomes faster, more secure, and scalable, there is wide speculation that m-commerce will surpass wireline e-commerce as the method of choice for digital commerce transactions. The industries affected by m-commerce include: Financial services, which includes mobile banking (when customers use their handheld devices to access their accounts and pay their bills) as well as brokerage services, in which stock quotes can be displayed and trading conducted from the same handheld device. Telecommunications, in which service changes, bill payment and account reviews can all be conducted from the same handheld device Service/retail, as consumers are given the ability to place and pay for orders on the fly. Information services, which include the delivery of financial news, sports figures and traffic updates to a single mobile device IBM and other companies are experimenting with speech recognition software as a way to ensure greater security for m-commerce transactions. Our opinion Divvee is marketing MOBILE social word of mouth coming soon. 2017 will be social mobile global fun !

JOLT Award Winne

Mojax is an Award Winning Mobility Platform
The Mojax platform is the underlying technology powering mFoundry’s mobile financial services products. Mojax is an award-winning mobility platform that is extremely flexible and extensible by third parties. Mojax is one of the first mobile Ajax application frameworks and it gives developers access to core device capabilities such as NFC. Unlike other platforms, our platform enables the addition of new modules or updates over the air (OTA) without requiring any additional actions by end users. Our platform makes it easy for developers to create solutions for banking, payments, tickets, loyalty, promotions and any other mobile wallet function. Only one code base is needed for all platforms we support including J2ME, BREW, Symbian, BlackBerry and iPhone.


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