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Grandiose lakes, mighty rivers, rugged peaks, abundant wildlife and untapped wilderness are the backdrop for an outdoor adventure of a lifetime in Alberta.

Most famous are the national parks of Banff and Jasper as well as the numerous provincial parks and recreation areas of Kananaskis Country-all of which provide year round adventures and activities that see the return of millions of visitors year after year.

When it comes to a mountain-based adventure getaway your clients can take it as tame or as wild as they like. They can enjoy the breathtaking beauty of nature on a guided hike or bike tour. They will feel the rush of the rapids during a whitewater rafting excursion. Wildlife safaris, full-moon night hikes and other nature-related activities can add uniqueness to any itinerary.

Alberta is an angler's paradise and is a mecca for fly fishers with guided and all-inclusive fly fishing operations. There is also a multitude of fly-in fishing camps and fishing lodges for every budget.

Albertans know that when it comes to golf, far-away greens aren't necessarily greener. The province is home to more than 280 courses - more per capita than any other province in Canada.

Alberta's opportunities for exploring, adventure-seeking or just relaxing are as staggering as its prairie skies.


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