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From Travel Agent University people

A dozen different ways to sample three awesome continents
– try these 10 destinations and products in Travel Agent University:

South African Airways Vacations Specialist
Six countries, countless experiences, but one convenient way to sell it all to your most motivated and moneyed clients. Go to lesson >>
South Africa: Your Journey Begins Here
A stunning destination of immense potential and importance for agents selling luxury travel. Go to lesson >>

Tanzania Specialist
Tanzania, famed home of Serengeti, Zanzibar and Kilimanjaro, joins hands with travel agents to make these exotic adventures accessible to U.S. vacationers. Go to lesson >>

Destination Germany
Reacquaint yourself with the art, culture, traditions and more that make Germany so alluring to visitors. Go to lesson >>

France / Alsace, Burgundy, Champagne - Ultimate Virtual Roadshow
Find out why they're saying Ooo La La! Learn more about Alsace, Burgundy and Champagne, plus the Chateaux & Hotels Collection in the latest webinar-on-demand from the French Government Tourist Office. Go to lesson >>

France / Nord-Pas de Calais & Belgium - Ultimate Virtual Roadshow
Find out why they're saying Ooo La La! Learn even more about Nord-Pas de Calais north and Belgium in this webinar-on-demand from the French Government Tourist Office. Go to lesson >>
Ski U 2009
Find the sales tips and other useful information on ski resorts throughout the U.S. and Europe to help you match your clients with the resort program that best suits their needs. Go to lesson >>

US Airways Vacations
Welcome to the new US Airways Vacations, where bookings are easier than ever, and you earn more commission under our new all-bulk rules program. Go to lesson >>

Destino Argentina Specialist
Explore the fascinating culture, exciting activities and captivating landscapes of Argentina, a memorable destination of year-round possibilities.
Go to lesson >>

Ecuador Specialist
Life at its purest: Ecuador straddles the Equator and four distinct vacation experiences – Galápagos, Coast, Andes and Amazon.


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