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Want hotel reviews, written by travel professionals, that you can trust? With STAR Service Online, you can quickly research and deliver accurate hotel and cruise ship recommendations to your clients. Our international network of travel professionals is made up of hotel experts. They visit each property and write about their experience so you’ll know exactly what it’s like to be a guest at the property. From service and cleanliness to dining and'll know it all. And, with our new Agent-to-Agent review section, you can rate, review and share your opinions about hotels and cruise ships with other agents just like yourself.


We've borrowed ideas from Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Netflix to make Travel Agent University faster and more fun for you to use - so finding the perfect course is a snap. We've replaced the old buttons with colorful logos. Courses you've already taken drop to the bottom of the screen, so the freshest material is at the top. Each course has a star rating based on what YOU want to see (based on your preferences) or popularity. And all 40 of the courses are now on the home page so you can browse easily.

* PLUS: You'll see all of the Rewards programs and Alumni Alerts in
Home Page quick links - no drop-down or accordion-style menus.

* You'll see a new Image Gallery in the expanded Video section

* You'll see new types of Games and a High Scores Gallery.

* You'll see an Honors section, where agents with perfect exam scores are listed - are you listed yet?

* You'll see a new Feedback button in the lessons - you can rate courses, make comments and suggestions, or ask questions: we'll forward your question to the supplier if we can't answer it ourselves.

* And now, you can follow us on Twitter, to get instant updates every time we add a new course (we're working on five new ones right now!), new deals, games, etc.
lee summit is fun this time of year!

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