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on the bleeding edge,i think i like it!

E-Verge World Connect
Unlimited U.S. Mobile, Unlimited Global Mobile, Dial-Up, Broadband and Satellite Internet Service.
E-Verge World Connect ISP offers;
Cable Broadband Internet serviceSatellite Broadband Internet service Dial-up internet serviceDSL Broadband service

Buzzirk Mobile & E-Verge Wireless offers;
Post Paid Wireless PlansUNLIMITED Flat Rate U.S. Mobile PlansUNLIMITED Flat Rate Global Mobile PlansGPS locators
All the latest phones from multiple providers, text messaging, camera phones, music and video, etc
E-Verge World Connect and Buzzirk Mobile introduces AVA your very own personal Voice Activated (Automated Virtual Assistant) in most phone plans. No need to remember phone numbers ever again AVA does it for you. Never dial a phone number again AVA will do it for you. Want to instantly call up to 2,500 people just tell AVA she will automatically deliver your message. AVA will give you directions, make dinner reservations, call and remind you of an appointment and if you have a Pre-Paid phone plan AVA will call and let you know it's time to recharge your minutes. AVA will even READ your email to you and send a reply - she is amazing. Once you hire AVA as your personal assistant you'll never do without her again! Learn More BUZZIRK MOBILE and E-VERGE WIRELESS product page...
Below is the link to the order form for the cell phone packages. buzzirk bryan 919-274-1628


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